HAPPY 2013 – How Do You See It ?

So, the Mayan prophecy didn’t wipe us all out and the human race has now entered into a brand new year.    What will you write on this brand new page of your self-scripted life history ?    How do you decide how the next chapter will flow ?

I keep a journal each year and have signed off my 2012 journal with a contemplative review before commencing my new 2013 entries.    I avoid making New Year resolutions as they can so often feel like setting ourselves up for failure.    New Year resolutions are loaded with the danger of giving us a negative self-image.  

Instead, I opt for a focus on the year ahead and my 2013 journal begins with an emphasis on the coming days, weeks and months.  What would I like to have achieved at the end of 2013 and how would I like to be feeling ?   This gives me a positive sense of direction and an energetic motivation to achieve what I want for myself in 2013, I may not yet have any clue as to how I will actually achieve what I want, but I do know that I’m heading down the right path with positive potential for success.

What would you like to have achieved at the end of 2013 ?   And, how would you like to be feeling ?  


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