Permissive Fun

When did you last give yourself permission to have fun ?

In current times when just about everyone is struggling to get by it’s more important than ever before to find ways of relieving the stress in our lives.   When did you last set aside a few moments to have fun ?    Having fun places you in the present moment and is a natural reliever of stress.   Think back to the last time you had fun, when you played and laughed.   Whilst you are having fun there is no worry or anxiety just a feeling of lightness of spirit.   

Children are renowned for living in the moment.   If you watch children at play they are totally absorbed in the moment and unaware of anything other than their immediate activity.   Give yourself permission to take some time out of your day each day to do something that makes you feel good.    Just for a while, become a child again.   Below are a few ideas …

  • Put on your favourite music and dance around your living room.
  • Watch your favourite comedy DVD and laugh.    Laughter truly is cathartic.
  • Make some bubble solution and blow bubbles.   Note the shapes and the colours.   How large a bubble can you blow.
  • Google comedy sketches on You Tube.   This is a quick way to put a smile on your face.
  • Jump up and down on a trampoline.  Maybe to music.
  • Take a few slices of bread and go and feed the ducks.
  • Play a computer game.
  • Go for a run / walk / bike ride.
  • Read a children’s book to your son or your daughter … you will very quickly find yourself in the realms of fantasy.

Remember that when we are doing something we enjoy endorphins, the feel good chemicals, are released in our brain.   The more you allow yourself to practice at having fun the effect is cumulative, the more easily those endorphins will be released so it will become easier and easier to become relaxed.

Have fun


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