Session Fees

NB:      All fees are shown in Euros.   If paying by Sterling or another currency, fees can be paid at the current exchange rate on the day of the session.

Individuals 1 hour session 40€
Couples 1 hour session 50€
Individually tailored sessions  –  from 65€
Virtual Gastric Band procedure 350€
Experience the calming and energising effects of deep relaxation  

Half hour session

One hour teaching session




Paying for services:   Face-to-Face sessions can be paid by cash or cheque. Online sessions are payable using Paypal secure payment  in advance  of each counselling session.   Please pay using the Paypal button below.       

If you do not have a Paypal account don’t worry, you don’t need one in order to use Paypal. 

To pay for your services please click  below

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