Virtual Gastric Banding

Virtual Gastric Band

Virtual Gastric Banding offers you all the positive benefits of weight loss surgery without any of the negative risks.    The Listening Sanctuary offers  an effective, holistic and ethical approach to Virtual Gastric Banding and addresses the underlying reasons for weight problems, therefore helping you to keep your weight loss off for good.

Virtual Gastric Banding utilises a Cognitive Behavioural approach together with the positive power of  Clinical Hypnotherapy.   This procedure is non-invasive, has no after surgery side effects, no medical risks, no pain, no hospital waiting lists, no expensive medical costs and no ongoing follow up medical treatments.

The Virtual Gastric Banding procedure is available to anyone who needs to decrease their weight for health reasons.    It is simply for people looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle through significant weight loss.

Virtual Gastric Banding is a three session process and is carried out over consecutive days.    If you are not within easy driving distance of Central Brittany this will require a two night residential stay in a local Chambre d’Hote.     I work in conjunction with local Chambre d’Hotes, please contact me for more information.



Understanding your inner conflicts can help you to motivate the change you desire.     In Sessions 1 and 2, in order to discover your emotional triggers, we will explore your relationship with yourself and your food.     In Session 3 you will be gently guided through a deeply relaxing procedure in which your virtual gastric band will be fitted.

Very occasionally, clients with a high BMI, a large amount of weight to lose or deeper emotional aspects to their weight issue  may require one or more additional sessions.

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