Positivity Challenge ……. banish those negative naggers …..

Put Yourself on a Negativity Free Diet

It’s not easy to be  positive every second of the day.   Negative thoughts can always find a way to sneak up on us from time to time.    The trick is to catch them as they arrive, to interrupt the current thought and turn it into a more positive one.   As you become more aware of their arrival it is easier to stop them taking over your thoughts.   The more you practice catching their arrival and replacing them with a positive you will notice that their arrival decreases.     I liken negative thoughts to a sceptic wound – left unattended it will fester and make you ill.    When you attend to the wound and ingest antibiotics into your system the wound will begin to heal as soon as the antibiotics take hold.

Here are a few tips for eradicating negative thinking

Choose Your Own Reality (Yes, you can)

It’s important to realise that the way you react to the outside world becomes your reality. When something happens you can to choose to see it as either a positive or negative experience.   Which ever one you choose you will react accordingly and that viewpoint will become your reality.   Losing your job, Finding yourself living alone, A neighbour’s selfish  action might be viewed as a an absolute disaster or it could be viewed as the opportunity to move on and find new experiences and a better, brighter future.   You really can choose your response to any given situation.

Exercise; it Produces a Natural High

When you exercise the increased energy output naturally releases positive chemicals into your body.   This is an excellent way to maintain your positive attitude.  I used to run to the sound of my favourite music but you don’t need to be a long distance, or any other distance, runner, or to be doing very strenuous exercise each day – a walk around the block with or without your favourite music ringing in your ears will help.

Download Some Positivity to Your Brain

As we have just read, exercise downloads its own positivy into your brain.   However, for those who really detest exercise there are other alternatives out there.   There are countless inspiring books, podcasts and videos which can be downloaded to encourage positivity into your life.  Tapping into others’ positive thoughts and experiences may help you to look at problems in a completey different and positive way.   You don’t even need to set  aside time to listen in, you can do so whilst commuting, cleaning up, walking the dog or just sitting with your feet up.

Recharge Your Batteries

A vital step in maintaining a positive attitude is to take some time to recharge your batteries.  This could be anything from taking a couple of hours to watch a favourite uplifting film to taking a month’s holiday.   Take a day out from the world and treat yourself like your own best friend.    Whatever you choose to do, a break in your usual routine will produce a feeling of caring for yourself and a more positive mindset.

Watch / Listen to Less Newscasts

It’s always useful to know what’s going on in the wider world, however, the media always loads towards the negative.  I find it so sad that it seems to be negativity which enthralls. Repeatedly listening to the same negative message will set up a negative mindset.   Find out what’s happening in the world by all means, just limit your daily input.

Take on an Attidude of Gratitude

Learning to have an attitude of gratitude is all about being thankful for the good things that we already have in our life.    When we are grateful for what is good in our life, we are leaving little room for negativity to take hold of our thoughts.   You will find that the more you practice being grateful, the more things arrive in your life to be grateful for. 

Make a list of all the things in your life for which you are grateful, you may be surprised by just how many there are.   Me ?   Well, I’m grateful for the food I eat, the logs which keep me warm, the true friends I have in my life, the simple fact that the sun is shining today, the peace and quiet I enjoyed whilst writing this blog …. and much, much more.

I’d love to hear what the ingredients are in your negativity free diet, please let me know via the comments box below.

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